Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How to Make Pancakes with a Toddler in 15 Easy Steps

1. Read a book about Pancakes. (Optional)

2. Gather utensils & ingredients 
-       Pancake Mix
-       Milk
-       Egg
-       Pan
-       Pancake Flipper
-       Step Stool (so toddler can see and help)
-       Spoon
-       Plates
-       Forks
-       Butter knife
-       Butter
-       Syrup
-       Cup
-       Mixing Bowl
-       Measuring cups
-       Toddler (Most important)
3. Measure 1 cup pancake mix and pour into bowl. Toddler will want to stick finger in mix and lick it. Relax. It’s a part of learning. Let him do it. There are no raw eggs in it yet. 

4. Measure ½ cup milk and pour in bowl.

5. Crack one egg into the bowl and mix.

6. Let toddler stir. Yes, it will make a mess. Relax. It’s a part of learning.

7. Scoop ¼ cup of batter and pour into pan. Toddler should be nowhere near the stovetop. He should already know this concept a good year or more before making pancakes. If he doesn’t, stop what you are doing and have an overdue safety lesson before continuing.

8. Wait for pancakes to bubble.

9. Leave phone unattended while toddler takes pictures of the black countertop without you knowing.

10. Flip pancakes

11. Cook for a bit longer. Don’t worry about perfection. If toddler helps make them, he will care less about taste and appearance.

12. Remove pancakes from pan and place on plate.

13. Lightly butter and pour syrup on pancakes.

14. Happily agree to toddler’s genius request to wear a birthday party hat while eating because you understand his valid point-birthday hats have to be worn while eating "cake" (even pancakes)

15. Eat and enjoy (Bonus if toddler eats so much, Mom worries he will get sick.) 

Happy National Pancake Day!!! 

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